Powerful Photos of Women Giving Birth – Baby’s First Moments of Life

Birth photography is a highly specialized field and the choice to have the experience documented is an intensely personal decision. It involves the birth process, environment, the parents and those in attendance. Birth photography encompasses the tears of joy, the wonder of bringing a new life into the world and celebrates family. The photographers who specialize in the field use their art to tell the story of birth. The winners of the 2017 contest have been announced. The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers choose the best photos which depict the struggle of mothers in giving birth to their babies. Have a look at these photos to see how life begins and the emotions read on the faces of new parents.

I’ve Been Waiting For You

Falling In Love All Over Again

Are You My Mama?

Best In Category: Delivery, With A Splash

First Place Winner. Road To Deliverance

The First Look

Beautiful Transition

H.onorable Mentions. Rapture

Euphoria, Triumph

The World Ahead

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