How Can A Dump Truck That Is Too Heavy For The Roads Be Transported?

If a transporter must be moved, its 176 wheels are insufficient to carry its weight, and the load is twice as heavy as the transporter… Then that must be the mother of all mega transport! C is the default setting. An ultra-class dump truck is a cargo. The heroes are tough men with delicate fingers and eagle eyes.

The multi-national company Mammoet has built a business for special transports in the middle of the no-man’s-land at Fort McKay, in the province of Alberta. Because there is a valuable resource in this area: natural gas. Heavy machinery is required to extract it. Machines with a lot of power, like the 797. The largest dump truck Cat has ever produced – the workhorse of the North American mining industry. The only thing bigger than the size of its wheels is the price: six to eight million dollars. This is the truck Mammoet is supposed to deliver to its operation site, an oil sands surface mine, today.

Despite the fact that the mine is only 7 kilometers away, the truck cannot cover the short distance on its own. The road would be unable to withstand the weight of the truck, which is distributed over only four wheels. As if an elephant were standing on four juice boxes. The pressure on the four little patches of ground would cause the asphalt to burst. As a result, it must be transported on a special trailer that must be meticulously assembled before loading can begin. Also, the transportation must be completed before rush hour.

In the video below, you can see the Loading Extremely Heavy Mining Truck – Mega Transports.

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