Heavy Equipment Excavator Factory Work with the World’s Extremely Largest Tire Dump Truck Operator Machines

The large wheel loader was built in the United States and shipped to Antwerp, then to Terneuzen in the Nᴇᴛʜᴇʀʟᴀɴᴅs, where it was loaded into Bothniaborg. The ship docks at Pitea to pick up paper products, and return freight is always welcome. The wheel loader could not be rolled off the ship since it arrived in pieces. We’ve arrived in Kaunisvaara. They’re unloading the so-called frame module. A few rims and other small items were also included in this shipment. Well, not exactly small; it’s difficult to find anything truly small on this massive machine. Its mass is estimated to be around 200 tons. I’ve been in charge of the assembly of this 994, which is the fifth one I’ve built.

The first was in 1997, and this is the fifth. The engine itself is nearly 40 tons, each axle is 20 tons, and the fuel tank with rear ballast is 50 tons. The frame module is 24 1/2 tons in weight. Each tire is 6 tons. Because it’s carrying iron ore, this bucket requires 15m3. Built out of a lighter material, it would need 19m3 or possibly 20, depending on the material. It’s a V16 engine with 79 liters and 1600 horsepower.

There are three forward speeds and three reverse speeds on the gearbox. You drive it with levers rather than a steering wheel. The driver’s cab is almost 6 meters above the ground. It’s a nice machine, and it’s really comfortable to drive. These buttons are pressed to set the engine to maximum revs. Then there’s the left brake pedal, which you use to control your speed when driving. You have a joystick for steering, backward and forwards, right and left, and you have the volume control on the same joystick, up and down, with the same lever. Then there’s the hydraulic stick on the other side. And, more or less, a computer that assists you with everything.

In the video below, you can see how the World’s Extremely Largest Tire Dump Truck Operator Machines S Heavy Equipment Excavator Factory works.

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