Extreme Logging Truck Operators, Working with a Powerful Wood Tractor Heavy Equipment

Operates a “log loader” machine that lifts and sorts logs along the roadside before loading them onto trucks. The log loader operator is in charge of self-propelled equipment with a long heel-boom arm and hydraulic grapple that lifts and sorts logs into heaps before loading them onto log trucks at the roadside landing.
The loader machine, sometimes known as a “shovel,” has a long boom that can grab a log, pick it up, and then move each log in a single motion. If properly equipped, the log loader machine can also transport logs to the roadside off-road (see Shovel Logger). The operator safely controls the machine on forest roads and log landing zones to move, pile, and load logs into trucks from inside an enᴄʟᴏsᴇd cab.

Controls machine operation from inside the machine’s cab, using a combination of joysticks, buttons, pedals, and levers. Operators may also collect and pile logging debris (“slash”) in certain areas. The operator drives a company pickup to the forest job sites and often works alone, following detailed work plans and specifications. Using a radio communicates machine safety and logs movement activities. The operator may be in charge of basic machine maintenance, refueling, diagnostics, and minor repairs. Climbing off and on the loader, as well as some walking on sloping forest terrain, necessitate special safety equipment.

Prior Experience: Work as a choker setter and skidded operator, or as an operator of other forestry equipment; preferred previous experience operating farm machinery or heavy equipment; learn from working with an experienced loader operator; demonstrated safe loader and service performance; written loader operator handbooks and machine service training guides; on-the-job training.

In the video below, you can see Extreme’s Logging Truck Operator S, Powerful Wood Tractor Heavy Equipment Working.

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Video resource: TAT Woodworking

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